• Norman Beasley

Master the Exterior before you go interior.

Talking about my top shampoo and why, which was Nanoskin.

Lets kick it off by yes! Everyone can wash a car with dawn dish soap and dry it off with a towel and call it a saying that made me shake don't do that thank you very much!

Tires & Wheels

Begin by pressure-washing your tires & wheels to remove the loose debris, then apply the cleaner. If you are new to cleaning your tires & wheels I suggest using "Eagle One All Wheel and Tire Cleaner." I used different cleaners, but I keep going back to this one, a lot of foaming and grime cutting. - The best part is the price, great bang for your buck, I use one bottle on 3-6 cars depends on wheel size. Let it sit for about 1 minute more or less until you start seeing brown and black in the water. Now your set to scrub and then pressure wash it clean. After that, you will see the results.

I am not linking this product because you can find it locally at O'Reilly, AutoZone, or any other auto parts store.

Exterior Wash/Wax

When you are looking for a good wash/wax shampoo for your car I would choose Nanoskin, everyone yells for Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax.

I have used both and I have pros and cons for both and will outline that.

Nanoskin: Is a great product because for my peace of mind it is a very thick and gummy solution. Because of the amount of wax they pushed into the shampoo it has qualities to be a foam cannon wax solution rather then a car wash.#wax #Carnauba #Wash #autodetail #autodetailing #carenthusiast #autodetailer #carcare

I say that because when I put Nanoskin into cold water rather then hot water it still had some of the solution gummed up in the bucket but change the cold to hot water and a pressure washer it creates a nice foam in the bucket. It doesn't lather up on the car how the #Meguiar's does, so on that side it is a lack luster from a visual stand point but after blow/towel drying is when the product shows why you will love it!

Pros: Easy to use, Nice shine, inexpensive, foam cannon use, scent is faint, a lot of wax in the solution.

Con: Needs hot water, has a cherry smell for people that don't like that, thick solution, cleaning properties aren't great.

Meguiar's: Is also a well known and great product but the wax part of this solution doesn't have the same amount of #Carnauba #Wax like the #Nanoskin that I am use too. Its cleaning properties is flat-out better then the Nanoskin but the end results I see are night and day for me and the feel of the paint too. They did have the C-Wax but one didn't hold back on the #EndGame like Ironman!

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax, is a great shampoo to remove dirt and grime but the end after drying I was left adding hand wax and rubbing to give it the shine it deserves but I never had to with Nanoskin - But I was ready to do it if it didn't pass my eye test in light.

Pros: Great shampoo, cleaning additives, leaves a wet look, smells pleasant, inexpensive, easy to find.

Cons: Not a lot of wax, has a smell if you don't like that, not a great lasting shine after drying.